Girls in PMA

What qualifications does a girl needs to enter PMA short course and as well as long course?


  • The females with only F.Sc pre-engineering/F.A/ICS or A level cannot join the Pakistan army with this intermediate qualification. At least a 4-year bachelor's degree is required. Females with F.Sc pre-medical/A level are eligible to apply after F.Sc to be a doctor or nurse.

    Females can join Pak Army after Graduation (16-Year Bachelors Education) through Lady Cadet Course as Captain. The age limit to join this course is 28 years. You will become captain officers after a training of 6 months in the PMA Kakul.

    The females with a Master's degree or M.Sc degree are also eligible to apply in the army. These female captains in the Pakistan army will join the Army Education Corps (Core) after successfully passing out.

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