Dermatology Institutes in Pakistan

What are some dermatology Institutes in pakistan

Can you tell me the fee structure of bs dermatology of different universities

Dermatology or pharmacy which one is better


  • Following institutes are offering Dermatology in Pakistan.

    Best Dermatology Universities in Pakistan

    There is another degree with a slight variation that is Dermatological Sciences, Following are it's institutions.

    Best Dermatological Sciences Universities in Pakistan

    For Pharmacy, there are many Universities are offering this degree. Here is the complete list,

    Best Universities offering Pharmacy/PharmD in Pakistan

    Dermatology or Pharmacy, which one is better

    Now if you are considering the practice as Dermatologist, you need to have specialization after the MBBS. Simple BS in Dermatology will just make you researcher/Academic or an entrepreneur if you wish to start your own skincare line.

    Pharmacy deals with drugs research, manufacturing and prescription. Now it's completely up to your interest as both fields are wonderful. When it comes to job, there are more jobs for Pharmacists as compared to someone with BS Dermatology.

    I hope it helped.

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